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The European framework for data flows

Interoperability and data spaces are at the heart of the European data strategy and necessary for realising the unified European data market. Athumi has been setting the pace in Flanders and Europe in these areas for some time. In line with the European framework, we ensure more standards, trust, and win-win situations to let data flow smoothly and securely at European and international levels.

Flanders is European leader in datatech

World-class research and innovation, leading business initiatives and a strong digital ecosystem make Flanders an attractive choice for any 'smart' company looking for its next big step into the data economy. For more than a decade, Flanders has been regarded by the European Commission as a frontrunner in data flow facilitation. Flanders' Economic Recovery Plan has allocated substantial investment to the Smart and Personal Data Space, which enables companies to connect smoothly to the unified European data market and to shine in the data economy.

Data Governance Act, an essential pillar of Europe's data strategy

The Data Governance Act (DGA) provides a framework to encourage trust in voluntary data sharing to benefit businesses and citizens. The DGA is a cross-sector instrument that aims to open up government data more widely for reuse, encourage data sharing between companies and promote the use of data for altruistic purposes. A governance model within DGA is the provision of data mediation services. These services enable the sharing or joint use of data by companies.

Our company is one of the first to be ready to supply data mediation services as a neutral party. As a public company, we have a legal mandate to process personal and sensitive corporate data smartly and securely, while allowing those who share their data to retain full control and transparency, warranted by athumi's governance.

Recognised MyData Global Operator

MyData Global is an international non-profit organisation that improves individuals' self-determination regarding personal data. This allows people to choose when, with whom, and how to allow their personal data to interact with other data and creates a fair relationship between individuals and organisations.

We are an authorised MyData Operator. We implement MyData governance, helping build interoperability between operators in the Personal Data Space.

"There is a digital renaissance sweeping through Europe. It's not the government that has the monopoly on data. Nor a few big companies. It is the people themselves who deserve ultimate control over their own data."

Raf Buyle

Lead Innovation athumi

Data spaces are the lever for Europe's digital future

We have a facilitating role in this new playing field, connecting parties and sharing expertise. Due to our efforts, companies connect smoothly with European data spaces and the data economy.

Common European data spaces:

  • bring together relevant data infrastructures and governance frameworks to facilitate data pooling and sharing
  • implement data sharing tools and services for data pooling, processing and sharing by an open number of organisations
  • federate energy-efficient and reliable cloud capabilities and related services
  • include governance structures that are compatible with relevant EU legislation and define rights regarding data access and processing in a transparent and fair manner
  • improve data availability, quality and interoperability in domain-specific settings and across sectors

Our products and solutions enable companies to collaborate securely with consumers and administrations, creating new data-driven ecosystems and cross-sectoral innovations. We seamlessly align your initiative with European regulations and the good practices of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), which is shaping the future of the global digital economy. This secure, sovereign data-sharing system enables all participants to realise the full value of their data.

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What is the purpose of the Data Governance Act?

The Data Governance Act (DGA) is a new EU regulation proposed by the European Commission in 2020 to create a legal framework for the European data space. The legislation aims to promote data collaboration across sectors and between organisations, while ensuring data protection. Consequently, data sharing should be transparent, secure and accountable, and benefit innovation and economic growth in the European Union.

What safeguards are in place to ensure that data interact ethically and responsibly?

Under the Data Governance Act, data mediation service providers will be designated as intermediaries to facilitate data collaboration between various organisations.

Data mediation services will be subject to additional rules and requirements. They must

  • only charge fees associated with data sharing
  • not use the data for purposes other than making it available to data users
  • not enrich or add value to the data, only convert them to promote interoperability or when requested by the data user
  • provide services by a separate legal entity established in the EU (or outside the EU, with a legal representative).

Data protection rules, which apply to every European, obviously also apply here. The regulations guarantee secure and transparent data flow, partly by standardised ways of exchanging data between organisations.

What is the objective of the International Data Spaces Association?

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) is on a mission to create the future of the global digital economy by using International Data Spaces (IDS), a secure, sovereign data collaboration system that allows all participants to realise the full value of their data.

IDSA warrants new 'smart services' and innovative business processes for companies and industries, while leaving control over the use of data (data sovereignty) in the hands of the data providers.

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