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Advisory committee

The board of directors of athumi is assisted in its activities by an advisory committee appointed by the Flemish government, following the founding decree, to support good government and management practices.

The committee: 

  • makes recommendations for the protection of citizens' personal data
  • establishes the framework for policies regarding the use of and access to personal data developed through applications of athumi
  • is responsible for defining coordinated security policies and management 
  • decides on requests for access to applications
  • is composed of members selected based on their expertise in the protection of citizens' personal data, data technologies and information security 
  • consists of three permanent and three alternate members, appointed for six years

The following members will serve on the advisory committee from 2023 to 2029: 

Permanent members

Alternate members

It is the explicit competence of one of the government commissioners to ensure that the committee's opinions align with the founding decree’s requirements.

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