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Board of directors

Our board of directors is the highest leadership body of our company. Our chairman and board members set the strategic direction of our company. Corporate governance rules govern its operation. Each board member has signed the conflict of interest and confidentiality code, the corporate governance charter and the code of ethics.

The board of directors is responsible for:

  • strategic policy
  • the major decisions
  • formulating objectives
  • representing our company
  • determining the conditions of access to athumi's applications based on recommendations from the advisory committee.

The direction set by the board of directors is put into practice by the management.

In addition, athumi's founding decree provides for some control mechanisms that help guarantee good management and governance:

  1. The Flemish Government appoints the advisory committee and advises the board of directors on the following:
    1. the policy on the use of and access to personal data shared through our company
    2. the design of a coordinated security policy and management
    3. requests for access to an application of athumi
  2. The Government Commissioners check that the operation of athumi complies with the law, the statutes, the cooperation agreement and the budget and finance.

The board of directors of athumi is composed of at least six and a maximum of ten directors appointed by the general assembly for a maximum of six years. The Flemish Government appoints the chairman of the board of directors.

Our board of directors consists of:

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