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Athumi, Inrupt, and Cronos Groep extend partnership, cementing Flanders as a leading pioneer in the next-generation data economy

Athumi and Inrupt have renewed their partnership with a multi-year commitment in order to meet the demand for B2B adoption of Solid Pods in Flanders.

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Better health through better use of data

Being healthy is more than just not being sick. It also means that you feel good, are energetic, and can enjoy life.

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First 150,000 data transactions via Real Estate Information Platform, lead time halves

More than 150,000 real estate transactions have already used the Real Estate Information Platform (REIP) in Flanders, which has halved the processing time. This platform offers a fast and efficient way to request all relevant real estate information for buyers, sellers and professional service providers. With one unified digital channel and availability of 320 data sources, REIP ensures a smooth experience in real estate transactions.

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Athumi supplies Flemish data vault technology in the Netherlands

Stichting Nederlandse Datakluis (Dutch Data Vault Foundation) and Athumi are joining forces to introduce a personal data vault in the Netherlands.

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