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As your reliable partner, we provide digital platforms and components that allow data to flow smoothly between businesses, public administrations and consumers. This data flow occurs in new data ecosystems where each participating party benefits from this innovative data collaboration.

Business accelerator for the data economy

Our solutions to gain more insights from more data pave the way for new business models to emerge in a data economy. A potential hurdle might be the fact that linking data entails legal and technical challenges. 

We unburden companies: by determining and using specifications for standards, companies can analyse data and generate insights, while consumers and other companies retain full control of their data. 

This way, we enable companies to collate data securely and implement new applications with the best-suited partners and using appropriate data, without legal or technical hurdles.

Proven method for secure, high-yielding data ecosystems

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Secure data collaboration


Personal & Smart Data Spaces and Data Collaboration Platforms are key to enhancing your application and business model and to obtaining the data collaboration you need. Our products and solutions warrant secure data ecosystems.

Are you looking for a reliable data collaboration partner?

We are happy to help you with your data project.