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The founding decree

As a neutral party, we help lay the foundation for developing the data economy. Based on a robust legal framework, our data utility ensures that consumers, companies and governments can manage data better and allow them to collaborate in full confidence. A founding decree defines our responsibilities and paves the way for new levels of innovation.

Our company was established on 28 December 2022 to foster secure data sharing and data collaboration in data-driven ecosystems, with a strong focus on protecting citizens' data and engendering as little administrative burden as possible.

Our responsibility is to:

  • develop new data-sharing applications
  • facilitate secure data sharing between entities
  • leverage the data economy
  • conduct feasibility studies regarding the development and management of new data sharing applications
  • develop and manage data vaults for citizens
  • develop and manage a platform to share government and citizen metadata in an integrated manner
  • develop and manage a platform to settle transactions between citizens and governments securely

Furthermore, the founding decree provides important rules on the management and governance of our data utility:

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